SpokenLayer wins Digiday Award for Best Audio Campaign

Last August we covered a new and original smart-speaker audio campaign for Lucky Charms, created by short-form audio producer SpokenLayer. Today we learn that the “Lucky Charms Magical Mission” creative has won the Digiday Award for Best Audio Campaign in 2020. The win is a watermark for the company’s extension from short-form audio production to creative studio work. Continue Reading


Magellan top 15 podcast advertisers, and RAIN remix

Podcast advertising intelligence company Magellan AI released its December report of top podcast advertisers. This month’s roundup includes the single-month list, and a year-to-date (YTD) list which serves as a 2020 view of the top marketing money spent in podcasting. We have gathered the list data into three tables that sort advertising spend in three ways: Top December advertisers, top 2020 advertisers, and a concentration measure of money spent per show. Click through for the goods. Continue Reading


Spreaker AdHub launches — for podcasters, not advertisers

Spreaker has launched a new self-serve tool called AdHub. If it sounds like another do-it-yourself way for marketers to buy dynamically inserted commercials, it’s not. AdHub is directed toward Spreaker podcasters, who can place targeted ads  for their podcasts into other Spreaker podcasts. Click through for deets. Continue Reading


AdLarge Media goes with TPX for exclusive ad-rep in Canada

AdLarge Media is announcing its agreement with TPX (Toronto-based The Podcast Exchange) for exclusive representation of AdLarge’s digital audio inventory. The cabana division of AdLarge is where that inventory resides, and is mostly podcasts. This initiative represents AdLarge’s first entry into a non-U.S. market.  Continue Reading


As podcasts run more ads, listener attidues remain mostly favorable (Edison Research)

In a new study from Edison Research, supported by content and sales network PodcastOne, and digital ad ad rep firm Ad Results Media, podcast “Super Listeners” were queried about their feelings about, and responses to, podcast advertising. The results are mostly favorable, with year-over-year rises in key favorability answers compared to a year-ago survey. Click through for details. Continue Reading


Veritone announces new capabilities to its radio advertising analytics and attribution

AI tech provider Veritone is announcing several new capabilities to the analytics and attribution solution used by radio stations. The enhancements are built into the Veritone Discovery and Veritone Attribution products. These applications, part of the aiWARE platform, are used by about 1,500 stations. Click through for details. Continue Reading


Magellan AI releases October Movers and Shakers. Geely (which owns Volvo) on top.

Magellan AI has released the October edition of the company’s Top Movers and Shakers list, a monthly survey of podcast advertisers which have increased their month-over-month spend the most. October’s top mover/shaker is Geely. Who? Magellan explains that Geely is the parent company of Volvo. Geely spent about $2.1-million in October, nearly a $2-million increase over September. Click through for more details. Continue Reading


Commercial or branded podcast? Dove and Pandora create a new thing

We got word that Dove was advertising on Pandora in an unusual way that seems to interestingly straddle categories. The bath care company (that’s Dove, not Pandora) worked with Studio Resonate, a division of Pandora that self-describes as “An audio-first creative consultancy […] at the crossroads of creative and data, science and sound.” The outcome is something between a music track and a podcast episode. Continue Reading


NPR subscribes to Nielsen’s Podcast Buying Power service

Nielsen is justifiably bragging today that is has signed NPR, one of the world’s most powerful podcast publishers, to Nielsen Podcast Buying Power, an insight service which matches genres to consumer purchase behavior patterns. The service is founded on the big Nielsen Scarborough database of consumer survey information. Continue Reading


Triton Digital enters deal with Sounder, bringing dynamic ad insertion to Sounder’s podcast platform

Podcast management and monetization platform Sounder is announcing today an alliance  with Triton Digital to bring dynamically inserted ads to Sounder-hosted podcasts. The integration reportedly makes it easy for podcasters to bring revenue to their entire catalogs via audience-targeted ads. Continue Reading