Instreamatic announces “Continuous Voice Dialogue Marketing”

Ad-tech company Instreamatic, which specializes in responsive audio advertising, is announcing a new product release called Continuous Voice Dialogue Marketing. As the name implies, this tech layer enables some degree of back-and-forth between listener and advertiser, and the resulting customization can follow the user across platforms. A case study appeared in Adweek. Continue Reading


Stas Tushinskiy: Inside the AI Challenge of Making Interactive Voice Ads Actually Viable

by Stas Tushinskiy

This guest column by Stas Tushinskiy, Instreamatic CEO and co-founder, offers insights on the challenges of interactive voice ads. One is the rather obvious hurdle of making tech understand natural language that’s opaque and unclear. The other might involve some cursing. Continue Reading


Instreamatic reaches agreement with Pandora to test smart voice interaction with audio ads

Ad tech platform Instreamatic.ai is announcing today its agreement with Pandora to test interactive voice audio ads that are smartened up with artificial intelligence. This platform seems to promise the conversational relationship people have with smart speakers and mobile voice assistants, applied to the consumer-advertiser relationship. Continue Reading


Global’s DAX enters voice-activated ad deal with Instreamatic.ai

DAX, the digital ad exchange of radio company Global, has entered a partnership with Instreamatic.ai, a specialist in voice-activated ads, centered on interactive audio spots. The arrangement will let DAX advertisers place ads with verbal prompts in the mobile apps for streaming audio services such as TuneIn and AccuRadio. Continue Reading


Instreamatic.ai shares success from Russian voice-driven ad campaign

Instreamatic.ai announced that it has launched an advertising campaign centered on voice response capabilities in Russia. The campaign, a joint effort with Alfa-Bank and OMD, served users a short audio tease at the launch of a radio stream that ended with a call to action for further information about the product, a debit card. Continue Reading