Instreamatic adds Federated Media to its voice ad exchange

Instreamatic is announcing a partnership with Federated Media. In the deal Federated will sell Instreamatic’s interactive voice advertising opportunities to advertisers. Federated’s inventory will be added to Instreamatic’s voice ad exchange.

Federated Media operated a dozen radio stations in Indiana.

Interactive voice ads present call to action that listeners can reply to, triggering the promotion’s next step. that next step could be downloading something to a phone, or continuing (or discontinuing) the marketing message. There is AI built into the system, to increase relevance and understanding of listener receptivity and need. Instreamatic puts it like this: “Instreamatic advanced voice AI and deep learning mechanisms provide the dialogue ad content, performs analysis on listener responses, and then leverages that analysis to iterate and improve the platform’s understanding of listener intent. This allows advertisers to build brand relationships, while optimizing each touchpoint with potential customers.”

Case studies have demonstrated effectiveness, according to Instreamatic. Pandora and Gaana (a large streaming service in India) are two of Instreamatic’s most influential clients.

“In Federated Media, we’ve found a great partner that’s now able to monetize its content with highly-engaging voice dialogue advertising,” said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO, Instreamatic. “We’re proud to be partnering with Federated Media, and eager to provide dialogue advertising as a means for brand advertisers and listeners to connect more effectively.”

Brad Hill