Instreamatic launches near-instant contextualized audio variations for CTV ads

Google-backed AI marketing platform Instreamatic has introduced Contextual Video & CTV Ads — a product identifier which might at first glance camouflage this audio-centric innovation. It’s about creating unlimited variations of the audio voiceover in video ads. Under an unchanging video shoot, these variations contextualize the ad by time of day, local offers, app type, or other details — “any other parameter you can think of,” the company says.

This is an AI-powered feature which changes original voiceovers using synthesized voices.

The video below illustrates the concept:

Instreamatic offers a research point: “78% of consumers are likely to¬†purchase repeatedly from brands that recognize their unique interests and behaviors.”

The company notes that its voice synthesis engine is stocked with diverse and rights-cleared samples, and that using this tool results in a 100x decrease in time spent developing alternate creatives.

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Brad Hill