RAIN Notes: Tuesday, August 15

Jottings of note:



Soundstack VP of Publisher Enablement Heather Smith offers a snappy three-minute demo of Soundstack’s Splice feature — it’s a broadcast-to-podcast system. We like how users can preset key settings (the “capturables”), allowing the tool to do the work behind the scenes. Daily and weekly recording routines are available. Soundstack has its own podcast hosting platform as well, sensibly called Podcaster. (It also works with Simplecast and others.) WATCH


Mattress Lift

Case studies can be hard to come by, so this one from Inside Radio got our attention. Mattress Firm used a branded podcast (called Chasing Sleep) to drive a 45% lift of in-store sales. The study was executed by Affinity Solutions and iHeartMedia (owner of Inside Radio). The study tracked sales over a three-month period. Mattress Firm says it has had more than 100,000 downloads to its Chasing Sleep podcast, and calls the strategy “always on marketing.” MORE


Branded How-to

Audio intelligence company Veritonic has produced a one-sheet information + promo PDF about how to create a branded podcast. Equal parts promotional and informational, this doc benefits by being a quick read of basics, along with call-outs of the company’s branded podcast solutions. The five steps outlined by Veritonic: Ideation, Production, Promotion, Distribution, and Future Season Panning. Get it HERE.


August 15, 2023

Brad Hill