Descript podcast editor acquires SquadCast recording platform

Descript, the text-based audio editing platform, has acquired SquadCast, the cloud-based conversation recording system. As of today, SquadCast becomes a free-to-use component of Descript.

Descript describes the acquisition as making a “complete stack.” Remote recording (via SquadCast) is described as a staple for podcasters. One of SquadCast’s distinguishing features is multi-track recording of conversational shows, where each speaker’s audio can be separated and edited.

Descript is well known for its comprehensive text editing tools; the company seeks to replace traditional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) waveform editing. Tools include basic removal editing as well as more sophisticated operations usually associated with waveforms, such as cross-fades.

“Remote recording has become an essential part of the podcaster’s workflow,” said Andrew Mason, CEO of Descript. “And so far, podcasters have been forced to choose between something like Zoom that records at lower quality and is subject to internet glitches, or a pricey subscription to a dedicated remote recording service. With our acquisition of SquadCast, podcasters have a battle-tested professional grade remote recording studio integrated right into their editor, for no additional cost.”

“As long-time users of both Descript and SquadCast, this is going to be game-changing for our team,” said Pat Flynn, host of the Smart Passive Income podcast. “These two world-class tools coming together will streamline recording with our guests, improve the listening experience for our audience, and save us countless hours of production time behind the scenes.”

Brad Hill