Instreamatic announces “Continuous Voice Dialogue Marketing”

Ad-tech company Instreamatic, which specializes in responsive audio advertising, is announcing a new product release called Continuous Voice Dialogue Marketing.

As the name implies, this tech layer enables some degree of back-and-forth between listener and advertiser. How extended the “dialogue” can be is not exactly revealed, but the press release does refer to “ongoing conversations with consumers across audio publishers.”  This seems to say that a listener can make a request in Pandora, let’s say, and have that preference satisfied in another ad placement in Spotify free, for example. (This would only work with listening platforms which use Instreamatic ad technology, of course.)

“Continuous Voice Dialogue Marketing is part of Instreamatic’s commitment to reinventing marketing by solving the biggest problem it has today: annoying repetitive ads that people hate,” the announcement states.

For advertisers, the holy grail is creating an individual relationship and ongoing conversation with single listeners. Naturally, this is meant to be good for the consumer, too. “Users can now control their ad experience and engage in ads that are interesting while skipping irrelevant ads. Brands can build a valuable relationship with each consumer and increase the efficiency of their marketing efforts.”

A case study of an Infiniti car campaign in Adweek notes: “The ability for brands to speak with customers as individuals and address their needs within the context of their own unique customer journeys remains one of the universal acmes of marketing. If a recent voice dialogue Infiniti campaign is any indication, it’s the emerging era of voice that just might provide a shortcut to speeding up many of these individualized ongoing customer relationships.”

Brad Hill