Instreamatic integrates with jācapps for audio ad tech

Interactive voice marketing platform Instreamatic has entered a new integration with jācapps. The deal will allow jācapps clients, including commercial, public, and Christian radio, to take advantage of Instreamatic’s audio ad technology. That includes fully-measurable interactive dialogue advertising powered by artificial intelligence.

Instreamatic measures audio interactions by designing interactions where the listener needs to make a verbal call-to-action in order to learn more about a product in an advertisement or actively say “no thanks” to skip the ad.

“Every one of our clients is looking for better and more innovative ways of monetizing their apps, and Instreamatic is providing an extraordinary solution that will really deliver unique value to the radio industry and audio-based app clients,” jācapps COO Bob Kernen said. “By pairing Instreamatic with our own expertise in developing highly-effective mobile audio applications, we’re excited to offer our clients the brand-new option of utilizing interactive voice ad experiences for more effective monetization. We’re really excited to see clients take advantage of this partnership.”

“As the practice of listening to audio content – be that radio, streaming music, or podcasts – via mobile devices continues to scale, publishers and advertisers face an increasing need for better ad engagement and more accurate audio ad metrics,” Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy said. “We’re proud to provide our voice-enabled ad technology and rich ad measurements to jācapps clients, who can now receive all the advantages of our solution conveniently integrated within their jācapps-developed, audio-centric mobile apps.”

Anna Washenko