MIDiA survey finds lots of potential for classical music in streaming

MIDiA Research teamed with subscription listening service Idagio for an examination of classical music and streaming. Global retail revenue for classical recorded music was $384 million in 2018. Streaming revenue for the genre rose 46% to $141 million that year.

The international survey of 8,000 adult music consumers found that the average age of classical listeners is 45.5. Fan penetration is highest for the 55+ age bracket, but the genre does reach younger ears too, with 30% of its listeners under age 35.

Most fans of the genre support streaming, with 46% of listeners saying it’s a great way to listen to classical music. Radio and CDs are the leading formats for consuming classical music, followed by video streaming; 29% of respondents said they regularly listened to classical music on YouTube or Vevo. Free audio streaming was used by 21% and paid audio streaming had 14%.

Classical music was the preferred genre for 32% of music consumers in Q4 2018. Some related subgenres also reached a dedicated audience. “Relaxing piano music” was a favorite genre for 20.7%. The report noted that mood-based playlists on streaming services could further introduce younger listeners to different classical artists and compositions.

Anna Washenko