Infinite Dial Australia previewed (in Australia); full release set for next week

The Australia-specific version of The Infinite Dial, the industry’s benchmark consumer survey of listening, is set for release in a webinar Wednesday evening, May 8. A conference in Australia got a first look. A few key statistics shared here. Also the webinar registration link. Continue Reading


Edison Research teases 2019 Infinite Dial with milestone YouTube metric

Ahead of the Infinite Dial 2019 presentation next week, Edison Research and Triton Digital have released a preview of this year’s research report. The slide is about trends in using YouTube for music. The video platform has been a notable presence in Infinite Dial studies in past years, and 2019 promises to have more positive numbers for the site. Continue Reading


ESPN Audio asserts sports dominance in Share of Ear stats

ESPN is reinforcing its reputation as a leading audio sports brand by releasing results from the subscription-only Share of Ear survey by Edison Research. The media company’s talk shows, live events, local broadcast radio, and podcasts are responsible for almost half (46%) of all sports radio listenership in the United States in 2018. Continue Reading


What category has seen the biggest decline in Edison’s Share of Ear surveys?

The Share of Ear survey from Edison Research has been charting trends in U.S. audio consumption since 2014. In that time, several new trends have emerged, such as a heavy shift toward subscription streaming and a surge of interest around podcasting. However, a new blog post from the company noted that with all of those gains, one particular listening category has been in decline. Continue Reading


Infinite Dial 2019 results will be revealed on March 6

Triton Digital and Edison Research have set a date for the release of the latest data from their Infinite Dial research report. The survey will be broadcast live and online on Wednesday, March 6 at 2pm Eastern. The Infinite Dial regularly assesses habits and trends for audio in the United States, including topics such as podcasting, smart speakers, and AM/FM radio. Continue Reading


Smart Audio Report: Smart speakers post 78% growth year-over-year

Edison Research and NPR have released the latest edition of The Smart Audio Report, with December 2018 survey results about smart speakers. The past year saw the addition of 14 million new smart speaker owners for a total of about 53 million people. That equates to roughly 21% of adults in the United States. The product segment is still firmly in the early majority phase of adoption. Continue Reading


Edison Research survey finds potential podcast listeners don’t know where to start

If you weren’t able to attend Podcast Movement in Philadelphia, you can still catch up on a few of the top takeaways from the keynote by Edison Research SVP Tom Webster. The talk, titled The Next Frontier in Podcasting: 100 Million Listeners, explored the gap between the high rates of people who are familiar with the term podcasting and the lower rates of people who have actually listened to a show. Continue Reading


Smart Audio Report teasers and webinar info

The Spring 2018 edition of The Smart Audio Report, produced by NPR and Edison Research, will be released tomorrow (Wednesday July 18) in a 1pm webinar. It is a key research report about the adoption and use of smart speakers, arguably the most important new distribution platform since smartphones. In a teaser release, NPR and Edison have revealed a few key findings. Continue Reading