Along with baseball, basketball, and nearly everything else, “Infinite Dial” live is off — webinar still on

In a day when baseball, basketball, hockey, Disney, schools and many other cultural institutions were suspended, yesterday also brought an announcement closer to RAIN home: Edison Research and Triton Digital have canceled the first live-audience presentation of The Infinite Dial, the annual public snapshot of American listening. The webinar is a go; click through for the registration link. Continue Reading


Edison Research releases its first quarterly Top Ten Podcast ranker

Edison Research has  broken out a Top Ten Podcast ranker, which measures podcast popularity among weekly podcast listeners. The ranker will be released quarterly, and will represent a rolling four-quarter average. This method smooths out irregularities such as quick-rise, quick-fall podcast flashes in the pan. Continue Reading


NPR/Edison Smart Audio Report finds 157 million smart speakers are in U.S. households

The winter 2019 edition of the Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research has been released on the CES stage, with the latest insights on how listeners are using voice tech and smart speakers. In the new report, 24% of U.S. adults own a smart speaker for an audience of about 60 million people. Continue Reading


Edison/NPR report: Spoken word audio reaches 121 million Americans daily, including an active digital audience

Edison Research and NPR have released the results of a new survey into consumption of spoken word audio content. It includes five years of previously unreleased data about audio, including podcasts, news, sports, talk radio, and audiobooks. The Spoken Word Audio Report found that 73% of the U.S. population listened to spoken word audio in the past month. Continue Reading


Edison finds women are more than half of the new wave of podcast fans

The latest report shared by Edison Research is an examination into the gender divides in podcasting. The results were initially presented at the She Podcasts LIVE event earlier this month. The report found that 29% of women have listened to a podcast in the last month, compared with 36% of men. Women are also drawing closer to an even split in the makeup of the monthly podcast audience. Continue Reading


Edison, PodcastOne find heavy podcast listeners respond well to ads (but there’s a caveat)

Edison Research and PodcastOne joined forces for a new report examining the heaviest podcast consumers, including their responses to advertising. Topline results from the survey of these “super listeners” were shared at the IAB Podcast Upfront, with full results to come in a webinar next week. Continue Reading