UK beats US in online audio listening; loves Spotify and podcasts

United Kingdom residents beat the U.S. when it comes to consuming online audio, and especially enjoys Spotify. Those are two of the many comparative analytics revealed today by Edison Research in the company’s presentation of the first instance of its Infinite Dial consumer survey brand focused on the British Isles,  Infinite Dial UK 2021. Click through for bunches of metrics, graphics, and a link to the entire study. Continue Reading

New Car Buyers Survey (Edison) details mixed numbers for American radio

Edison Research has released a new study: 2021 Car Buyers Survey. ONe key learning is that 90% of car buyers expect broadcast radio to be standard in-car equipment. As we thumb through the slides, we note some comparative metrics that position American consumers as more detached from in-car listening to AM/FM than in other countries. Click through for details and graphics. Continue Reading

Edison Research to intro The Infinite Dial UK

The Infinite Dial, globally recognized as a singular authoritative consumer survey and reference for how people consume digital media, will be extended to the UK next month. The annual American edition has been produced for 24 years, resulting in exceptionally valuable trend lines illustrating consumer uptake of streaming audio and podcasting. The brand has expanded to Canada, Australia, Germany, and South Africa. The December 2 release of a UK version will be Edison’s first for that region, and is supported by Bauer Media and Spotify. Click for the registration link. Continue Reading

Edison Research Top 50 podcasts: Only three newcomers from previous list

Edison Research released the company’s quarterly report of top 50 podcasts, the result of an 8,000-person consumer survey, part of the company’s Podcast Consumer Tracking Report. Edison’s ranker is notable for its methodology. In this edition, as in previous releases, nearly all 50 shows carry over from the previous report. Click through for illustrations. Continue Reading

“Black Podcast Listener Report” reveals size and characteristics of the American Black audience

The much anticipated Black Podcast Listener Report, with support from Edison Research and Mindshare, was released today and presented in a webinar. Key survey points cover the size of the Black listening audience and how it compares with the total U.S. population, how that audience discovers podcasts, their receptivity to podcast ads, and much more. Click through for many data points and graphics. Continue Reading

Spoken-word listening rapidly growing; music and AM/FM erode (Spoken Word Audio Report)

The 2021 edition of the annual Spoken Word Audio Report, a comprehensive survey study fielded by Edison Research with support from NPR, is out. Key findings include how all kinds of spoken word audio listening (podcasting, audiobooks, AM/FM talk radio) is quickly growing, and largely eating into AM/FM talk radio. Click through for many in-depth details, graphics, and the download link for full results and videos. Continue Reading

36% of Black Americans listen to podcasts monthly: New research (Edison, SXM, Mindshare)

“Black listeners are closing the gap with the general market.” That’s a general insight driving a new consumer survey study fielded by Edison Research and supported by SXM Media and media agency Mindshare. The Black Podcast Listener Report will be presented via webinar on Tuesday, November 16. Click for a early data nibbles and link to free registration. Continue Reading

Are podcasts too long? That’s what Latino unadopters think (Edison Research)

In a new and intriguing Latino Podcast (non) Listener Report from Edison Research, one key survey question asks why respondents don’t listen. We see the results as pointing to the length of podcasts, and also difficulties in getting familiar with podcasts — a classic ease-of-use problem. Click for details, graphics, and metrics from this fascinating study. Continue Reading

Joe Rogan tops Edison list (again); survey method broadens ranker reach

Edison releases the U.S. Top 50 Podcasts for the full year span of Q3-2020 through Q2-2021. It is characterized by the same level of stability shown in all rankers — eight of the top 10 shows are identical to the full-year 2020 list from Edison. But as a consumer research project, Edison’s ranker has much more reach than server-side client measurement such as Podtrac’s monthly rankers. “The Joe Rogan Experience” lands in the #1 spot … again. Continue Reading