29% of avid U.S. radio users listen to podcasts weekly (Techsurvey), nearly matching overall U.S. number (Infinite Dial)

According to the new Techsurvey 2021 from Jacobs Media 29% of P1 radio users listen to podcasts weekly or daily. That nearly matches the U.S. national number measured by Edison Research and Triton Digital. Are the radio-associated podcast listeners taking that time away from AM/FM listening? Continue Reading

HelloFresh is most recalled brand in Edison Research tracker. We compare top recall and top spend.

To promote its Podcast Consumer Tracker research product, Edison Research released an interesting data munchable: the top 10 most recalled brands in podcast advertising for Q1. We compared Edison’s list with the top spenders in podcast advertising from Magellan AI. The result? Money and memory are bedfellows of advertising. Continue Reading

33% of Americans own a smart speaker: Edison/Triton Infinite Dial teaser

The annual webinar release of The Infinite Dial, the annual consumer survey project by Edison Research and Triton Digital, is scheduled for Thursday. The two companies are teasing the event by releasing one result of interest: Thirty-three percent of Americans own a smart speaker. That is a 22% increase from last year’s Infinite Dial, and represents an estimated 94-million people. There is a Covid element to this. Click through for more info and webinar registration. Continue Reading