Edison Research Top 50 U.S. podcasts: Rogan + two-year comparison

Edison Research Podcast Metrics has released its quarterly list of top podcasts — a 50-show ranking. We’ve done a bit of comparing.

As always, this ranker differentiates from others by methodology: Edison’s Top 50 is the outcome of survey work, not technical measurement. That means any podcast can land on the list, regardless of how it is hosted or consumed. The most important outcome of this method is that¬†The Joe Rogan Experience — arguably the world’s most successful podcast, whose metrics are concealed within Spotify — is included.

Rogan is #1 atop this research, as always.

We are always interested in the flow of popularity over time, and we compared this edition of Edison’s Top 50 with the list from two years ago. In 2021 Edison did not isolate Q3, but did measure Q1-Q3, and that is the reckoning we used. In the result below, we see eight podcasts ranked in the top 12 in both 2021 and 2023.

Only four shows (highlighted in green) appear only in this year’s top 12. But three of those shows do appear in 2021, within the top 20. Only¬†This Past Weekend w/Theo Von is unique to the 2023 list.

Below is Edison’s top 10. Get the complete list HERE.


Brad Hill