Edison Research releases Top 25 Podcasts in the UK

Edison Research released its survey-generated list of Top 25 Podcasts In The UK. As with the company’s other rankers, this one is calculated from conversations with podcast listeners, not by counting downloads. This method conveys an essential advantage: Any podcast is eligible to land on the list.

American listeners will certainly recognize the #1 result, The Joe Rogan Experience, generally considered to be the world’s most popular English-language podcast.

We compared the UK top 25 to Edison’s U.S. Top 50 Podcasts ranker for Q2, 2023 — we only looked at the top 25 in Edison’s 50-show ranker. Three duplicates revealed themselves as popular in both regions, as hows below (the ranking numbers represent US / UK ranking):

The Joe Rogan Experience (#1 / #1)

The Daily (#3 / #10)

Stuff You Should Know (#7 / #20)

Here is the entire UK list:


Brad Hill