Streaming music reaches 20% of all U.S. listening. Podcasts at 11%.

In the just-released Share of Ear report from Edison Research, streaming music claims 20% of U.S. consumer time spent listening (13+ years). It is a first-time milestone in the history of Edison’s quarterly report. To be exact, this is how Edison suggests to frame the metric: “The average person in the U.S. spends 20% of their daily audio time listening  to streaming music.”

AM/FM listening falls one point (from the previous quarter) to 36% of time spent. It’s important to remember that these numbers do not represent reach, and do represent percent of all listening to recorded music in all modes of delivery.

Another key point, when contemplating the graphic below: YouTube’s 14% share represents music and music videos only.

Edison’s summary of the Q3 results:

  • AM/FM Radio falls one point to 36%
  • Streaming Music gains one point and hits the 20% threshold for the first time
  • Owned music (listening to CDs, vinyl, owned digital files, etc.) drops one point
  • Other changes are accounted for by rounding 

As always, AM/FM radio owns the largest share (36% above). Edison informs us that most of radio listening happens via over-the-air signals. Tuning in that way represents 31% of all listening.


Brad Hill

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