92 downloads is good. 43,654 is better. Podcast benchmarking from Omny Studio

Sharon Taylor, Senior Vice President of Podcast Strategy at Triton Digital, has released the third edition of Podcast Benchmarking. The data comes from enterprise podcasting company Omny Studio, which Taylor operated for over three years before its acquisition by Triton.

Downloads per episode is the governing metric informing the nine charts presented in this 2023 edition.

The first and most comprehensive chart asks How many downloads per episode is “good”? ‘Good’ is not defined, but the report breaks down the download data by percentage ranking. Below, we see that 34,654 downloads per episode (in the first 30 days) is achieved by one percent of measured shows. The measurement is derived from Omny Studio download metrics.

From here, Omny performs the same analysis to different podcast categories and regions. The hill to climb for achieving top 1% ranking is much steeper for Comedy shows, where a podcast needs over 82,000 downloads in the first month.

The methodology remains the same for several more categories and regions. In the UK, only 8,123 first-month downloads are required to break into the top one percent. In North America, the number is 61,420.

See the whole thing HERE.


Brad Hill