IAB/MRC formulates measurement guidelines for $1.2B augmented reality segment (AR)

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), with the Media Ratings Council (MRC) have created a set of guidelines “to effectively capture the impact of AR campaigns.” The document is open to public comment until March 9.

Augmented reality is an interactive experience that enhances the real world with computer-generated perceptual information. (Think of hunting Pokemon characters outdoors.) The experiential venue is primed for advertising, and the IAB has supplied how advertising within AR can be defined and quantified.

“Brands are increasingly utilizing AR in their media campaigns to connect with consumers in more meaningful and immersive ways,” said Zoe Soon, VP, Experience Center, IAB. “The Augmented Reality advertising market is projected to generate $1.2 Billion in revenue in the U.S. this year. Thus, as an industry, we need to establish a greater consistency on how we define and measure AR advertising to foster fairness and transparency for buyers and sellers.”

The guidelines contain definitions for ad delivery, viewability, audience, engagement, and performance.

A public comment period starts with this release. ” “This public comment period is an opportunity for all members of the digital advertising community – brands, publishers, agencies, and ad tech companies – to join the conversation and share their feedback regarding AR advertising measurement and work together to address the present and future of AR advertising experiences,” said Ron Pinelli SVP Digital Research and Standards, Media Rating Council.

The guidelines document is HERE.

Brad Hill