Acast Holiday Advertising Guide

Acast has released an informative guide to brands who are approaching the holiday buying season: “Tis the season for podcast advertising with Acast. While an unabashed promotion of Acast’s self-serve platform, the guide delivers platform-agnostic guidance for getting a grip on the complex holiday season. Click for metrics and a link to the full study. Continue Reading

Ex-NPR star launches “Your Mama’s Kitchen” via Acast/Higher Ground alliance

Acast announces a new podcast called Your Mama’s Kitchen, spawned from the company’s partnership with Higher Ground, the podcast company launched by Michelle and Barack Obama. Acast announced its sales and distribution deal with Higher Ground in April. This new show is the first result of that alliance. Click for details and a link to listen. Continue Reading

Acast partners with Podscribe, rejecting Spotify attribution solutions — (with Spotify response)

Acast has selected Podscribe as its “preferred attribution partner” in all markets. It’s a meaningful and sweeping endorsement of Podscribe’s performance analytics in podcast advertising. The other half of that handshake appears to be a back-of-hand reference to Spotify’s Ad Analytics tool which launched just two months ago. Continue Reading

Acast fosters advertiser/host teamwork with “AdCollab” launch

Global podcast hosting and marketplace technology company Acast has launched “AdCollab,” a service which enables advertisers to team up directly with podcasts hosts in planning host-read sponsorship campaigns. This initiative has been in testing mode since April, and is available to all advertisers planning host-read campaigns. Continue Reading

AI set to take over podcasting; majority of listeners approve (Acast study)

Acast sent us a fascinating piece of survey work that questioned podcast listeners about their sentiment toward AI influencing podcasts in over 20 ways. The broad takeaway is approval by listeners for AI in the production process. That approval slants toward technical improvements, with lower levels of acceptance of content manipulations. Click for the interesting details. Continue Reading

Acast/Podchaser uses AI to help advertisers target podcast campaigns

Podchaser, an Acast subsidiary, announces the launch of a new technology which can assist hosting providers, ad platforms, and other marketplaces to enhance ad targeting. The offering is called Collections+, and reportedly uses AI to sort podcasts into verticals useful to advertisers and marketers. The product expands the number and range of podcasts which can be effectively targeted by advertisers. Continue Reading

What is podcast’s return on ad spend? Acast surveys marketers

“Identifying a medium’s return on ad spend (ROAS) is tricky.” That’s how Acast forthrightly introduces its new survey: Podcast’s Return on Ad Spend.To help identify how effective podcasts are on this metric in 2023, Acast Intelligence ran a study with 250 advertisers/marketers who have spent money on multiple podcast campaigns before. Click for multiple results, graphs, and the download link. Continue Reading