Acast grows programmatic sales revenue 215% in 2020, expects 10% of revenue in 2021

Acast is sending around a brag-worthy announcement that its programmatic ad sales for podcasting grew 215% last year. This disclosure might be viewed as validation of programmatic in an industry where ad revenue has historically been based on bespoke performances of commercials by hosts while recording the show. The company projects 10% of 2021 revenue will derive from programmatic.
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Acast partners with Patreon to simplify private distribution of premium episodes for patrons

Podcast content, hosting, and monetization platform Acast is announcing a partnership with Patreon, the crowdfunding platform used by many podcasters to support their ongoing projects. In this arrangement, Patreon podcasters can manage both their public feeds and private patron-only episodes in one place, and patronage listeners can hear public and private content in their favorite app. Continue Reading


Acast places entire podcast ad inventory in Strata, a leading media campaign platform

In a startling announcement, which in hindsight seems inevitable, leading media campaign planning and buying platform Strata has accepted the entire inventory of podcast company Acast. Acast’s portfolio of 20,000+ podcasts will be exposed to agencies and advertisers engaged in all kinds of media marketing. This deal will be seen in a future rear-view mirror as breakthrough. Continue Reading


Acast adds keyword targeting to podcast advertising, citing the supremacy of context

If users search for online content based on keywords, why shouldn’t advertisers purchase marketing campaigns the same way? In fact, they can do that within Google’s ad ecosystem. Now, podcast advertisers have an avenue for keyword-based targeting within the Acast marketplace, according to an Acast announcement. The initiative is based on proprietary technology, and an interesting view of the future. Continue Reading


Acast enters Canada; Heather Gordon exits CBC to manage; set to speak at RAIN Digital Canada

Acast announces today that it is launching its podcast advertising technology and marketplace in Canada. Heather Gordon, formerly Digital Sales Director at CBC/Radio-Canada, is  taking the role of Managing Director, Canada for Acast. Gordon is also set to speak at RAIN Digital Canada this week, Thursday Sep 24, in a Zoom extension of RAIN’s annual Canadian summit. Continue Reading


Acast launches Virtual Storefront for podcast ad buyers

Acast is announcing the Acast Marketplace Virtual Storefront. It is a self-service campaign planning tool which gives advertisers and agency buyers a way to browse podcasts and their targeting characteristics, before engaging the Acast sales team. The Virtual Storefront gives the buyer more hands-on control than previously. Click through for a screenshot. Continue Reading


Acast Open podcasts now can enter Acast Marketplace for dynamic ad insertions

Acast Open, which launched last fall after the Pippa acquisition, and which allows any podcast to host a show on Acast, can now (as of today) participate in the Acast Marketplace. Acast Open podcasters must apply to enter the monetization service. Dynamic ad insertion is used to deliver targeted messages in shows throughout a podcast’s entire catalog. Continue Reading