Acast/Podchaser uses AI to help advertisers target podcast campaigns

Podchaser, an Acast subsidiary, announces the launch of a new technology which can assist hosting providers, ad platforms, and other marketplaces to enhance ad targeting. The offering is called Collections+, and reportedly uses AI to sort podcasts into verticals useful to advertisers and marketers. The product expands the number and range of podcasts which can be effectively targeted by advertisers. Continue Reading

What is podcast’s return on ad spend? Acast surveys marketers

“Identifying a medium’s return on ad spend (ROAS) is tricky.” That’s how Acast forthrightly introduces its new survey: Podcast’s Return on Ad Spend.To help identify how effective podcasts are on this metric in 2023, Acast Intelligence ran a study with 250 advertisers/marketers who have spent money on multiple podcast campaigns before. Click for multiple results, graphs, and the download link. Continue Reading

Interchangeable Ad Slots: Acast’s method of increasing inventory

Global podcast company Acast sent an interesting notice about a tech innovation called Interchangeable Ad Slots. The system takes advantage of Acast’s basic system setting which reserves each ad slot for one of two ad types: host reads, or pre-recorded brand commercials. The new technology can discern which type is reserved for a slot, and override that setting by selling and delivering the other type. Continue Reading

Acast and Focusrite partner to raise quality, lower expenses, for podcasters

Acast announces its teased partnership with audio equipment make Focusrite, unleashing details today. The new relationship aspires to raise podcast audio quality for producers equipping their shows (by selling them new Focusrite gear), and saving them money post-production with free use of Acast’s mid-level hosting plan for six months. Focusrite, maker of Scarlett mic-to-computer interfaces, is releasing a new product as part of this. Click for details. Continue Reading