Mark Mulligan’s new blog post suggests how to fix streaming pricing

Mark Mulligan of MIDiA Research wrote a blog post with his insights about the current price issues for streaming music. He highlighted the apparent either/or choice facing listeners – pick a totally free platform or pay $9.99 a month for a subscription – as a problem for the music industry to solve. Continue Reading


Mark Mulligan: The Three Things Streaming Needs To Fix Next

by Mark Mulligan

This guest column identifies a “middling majority” of music creators whose businesses are not thriving in the streaming music services. Mark Mulligan proposes a formula for better monetizing a band’s relationship with listeners and fans — and offers a worksheet of the model for artists to work with. Continue Reading


New research on “digitally native music consumers”; online music is the key category

MIDiA Research, recently launched by Mark Mulligan, has completed a study examining the characteristics, attitudes, and behavior of “digital natives.” The focus is mostly how they approach music. What are Digital Natives? A young demographic that has never known a world without online connectivity and unlimited music and audio choices. Understanding the mindset and decisions of that population shines light into the future of listening. Continue Reading