MIDiA Research: Spotify #1 podcast platform in international survey

MIDiA Research has concluded its quarterly podcast survey, Podcasts Q2 2020: Spotify Takes an Early Lead. It’s a subscription product, but MIDiA has pulled out one intriguing bit, as indicated in the title.

The survey addressed 6,000 respondents of whom 14% (780 people) were podcast listeners. In that sub-group, Spotify ranked the #1 listening platform. Apple Podcasts was #2, and Google Podcasts #3.

The survey population represented six countries: U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, and France.

MIDiA is careful to note that the result indicates the number of users, not necessarily the amount of listening. By that metric it’s a rapid ascension for Spotify within this study. The Q4 2019 edition (just two quarters previous to this latest one), Spotify was in second place.

“Spotify’s podcast strategy is dominating thinking in the podcast space at the moment, and with good reason considering its heavy investment. However, with the ad market softening, and Spotify relying primarily on ads to monetise podcasts, it will be some time before it can recoup its investment,” MIDiA notes.



Brad Hill