Podcast listeners are receptive to ads, and likely to act on them: Sounds Profitable study

Sounds Profitable has released The Ad Bargain: Attracting Consumer Attention in a Sea of Ads, in collaboration with Signal Hill Insights. The stated purpose is to compare podcast advertising with YouTube and cable TV marketing, with the criteria being consumer receptivity, attention, and effectiveness. It is a deep study with opulent levels of detailed results. Click for samples and a link to the real thing. Continue Reading

James Cridland’s International Radio Trends: Closures and bereavements

by James Cridland

In his latest guest column, James Cridland grieves the death of Paul Chantler and offers reminiscences. Then, how Bauer Media is closing radio stations, buildings, and transmission platforms. Then, a peek at one of Bauer’s studio renovations. James also continues his public commentary on the BBC decision to carry ads. And much more in a packed newsletter. Continue Reading

Steve Goldstein: Insights From Leaders At The Top

by Steve Goldstein

In this latest guest column from podcast consultant and public speaker Steve Goldstein, Steve transcribed his “View From The Top” panel at the recently concluded Podcast Movement conference. It is a wide ranging and deeply informative discussion, filled with executive wisdom now available to everyone who might have missed the session. Continue Reading

Stability rules podcast ad rates in 2024 (so far): Libsyn Ads

The average cost per thousand (CPM) for podcast advertising remained practically the same in March over February. according to the monthly reckoning by LibsynAds. We take the long-term chart provided by Libsyn Ads (formerly Libsyn subsidiary AdvertiseCast), and compute the average cost of the most expensive campaign type over the lifetime of the chart (four years). Click for all the details. Continue Reading

Podcasting: $43B in 2032? (Market.us)

Market research company Market.us has gathered podcast statistics from multiple sources and compiled a slate of podcast metrics including one far-reaching projection. We compare this dataset with other podcast ad revenue projections. In doing so, we achieve an impressive level ofuncertainty. It’s all about inputs and methodology.
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