ART19 teams with Veritone for AI to improve ad targeting tools

ART19 has entered a partnership with Veritone, an artificial intelligence company with a specialty in audio. The audio company will leverage Veritone’s aiWARE operating system in its targeted ad sales platform. ART19 will use the AI tech to run cognitive analysis and topical extraction on participating publisher podcasts. Continue Reading


ART19 announces growth of its targeted podcast marketplace, now 200 shows

ART19, the hosting, distribution, ad-serving, and audience measurement podcast company, is announcing today that its targeted podcast marketplace includes over 200 ongoing shows. This announcement is a follow-on from the company’s well publicized recruitment of Lex Friedman and Korri Kolesa from Sticher/Midroll in April. Continue Reading


Art19 formalizes business relationship with fast-growing Feral Audio podcast group

Podcast hosting and ad-tech company Art19 announces today that it has formalized a relationship with Feral Audio, a comedy podcast network that is enjoying what might be called an “accidental success” story. Feral Audio’s entire catalog of 50 shows is on the Art19 platform, and RAIN spoke with the CEO of Feral. Continue Reading