ART19 starts podcast collective for shows by servers, bartenders, and chefs

In one of the most interesting podcast network ideas we’ve heard of, ART19 has collected restaurant servers, chefs, and bartenders to produce shows about the service industry. It’s called the One Star Network, and the launch marketing promises “hilarity and humanity.” With titles like Confessions of a Server and The Macaroni Zone, it does seem to us like an entertaining idea.

Here is the launch lineup ART19 sent us:

Copper & Heat – Winner of the James Beard Broadcast Media Award, Katy Osuna hosts a podcast exploring the unspoken rules and traditions of restaurant kitchens through the stories of people that work in them.

In Yo Mouth – The gayest food podcast on the airwaves where host Michael Muñoz not only brings you the best in food news but also celebrates and tells the stories of the LGBTQ community through a food lens!

The Modern Waiter Podcast – Hosts Marlon Joseph and Danny Devila want to show the world that a career in the restaurant business can be a legitimate profession.

Side Work Podcast – Veteran waitresses and bartenders clap back in a weekly comedy podcast where nothing’s off the table other than the 15% tip we stuffed into our apron. Hosted by Brooke Van Poppelen and Andrea Wallace.

Confessions of a Server – Social media’s most famous server Qualin Harris gets his own podcast!

The Macaroni Zone – Every week, cook and food writer Danny Palumbo and comedian James Austin Johnson digest what happened in food news, food tv, food internet, and oh yeah, food food.

Brad Hill