ART19/Veritonic study targets (and hypertargets) podcast audiences

Podcast technology company ART19 sent out a notice today describing results of a podcast audience ad targeting study, conducted by audio intelligence company Veritonic. the purpose was to test effectiveness, as defined by recall, relevancy, and intent/likelihood to purchase. The upshot is that targeting did increase recall and effectiveness, and the lift increased with more precise targeting.

Lift studies are not new, and are increasing in the podcast space. Usually they document the effectiveness of podcast advertising generally. In the ART19/Veritonic work, a brand advertiser wanted to target business decision makers, separate from a broad and undefined podcast listening audience. The brand is unnamed in the case study (as usually is the case) but we know that the company offers tools for running and optimizing small to midsize companies.

When ART19 targeted the campaign to business decision makers, the key performance indicators (KPIs) increased as much as 65%. with that, there was a 20% increase in recall, compared to untargeted general advertising.

The study took a step deeper into hypertargeting a subset of business decision makers — for example targeting those professionals in the wholesale industry.In those tests, the effectiveness lift was even sharper, up to 25% above the campaign directed to business decision makers more broadly.

“We’ve long felt that bringing the smarts of digital media targeting to podcasting would lead to more effective audio ads,” said ART19 Chief Revenue Officer Lex Friedman. “Veritonic’s data provides statistical confidence that podcast ad targeting yields significantly better results.”

Brad Hill