ART19, Veritonic case study found podcast ads boosted intent-to-purchase

ART19 and Veritonic teamed up for another dive into the effectiveness of podcast advertising. Their latest case study is for pharmaceutical brand Bayer and used ART19’s SmartAudiences technology for targeting. The assessment found that Bayer’s listener-targeted podcast ads drove intent to purchase, favorability, and other key metrics.

The campaign included eight unique ads that highlighted core branding messages and targeted a range of listeners. Bayer already had high intent to purchase scores for the audiences, but the podcast spots still yielded even higher scores. The average intent to purchase score was 85 out of 100, 19 points higher than the industry average measured by Veritonic.

Hispanic and Latinx listeners had the lowest pre-exposure intent to purchase scores. However, that demographic generated the largest score increases after hearing the ads. The case study found that recall was highest among listeners identifying as black or African-American.

Anna Washenko