RAIN Notes: Monday, April 29

Jottings of note:



The inaugural Podcast Power Up Summit, presented by Signal Hill Insights, is scheduled on a Sunday, June 2, 20204 in Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, alongside Radiodays2024 North America. The 11am – 7pm conference is open for registrations now, HERE. Titled “Emerging Voices and Industry Innovators,” the summit promo promises”top experts and podcasters from across North America — booked speakers include James Cridland, Laura Mayer, Eric Nuzum, and Dane Cardiel. Early-bird tix are on sale now.



“Thank you for 100 million.” That’s Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music at YouTube. He’s talking about subscribers to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Twenty million of those subs have signed up in the last year. YouTube Premium is available in over 100 countries, and Lyor promises more soon. “In 2015, many doubted a subscription model could thrive on YouTube.” — that’s a gloat, but a deserved one. He lists off some features which include Radio Builder. “The music industry is at a critical juncture, Lyor observes, and he promises to “forge a future together where the music industry thrives. READ

April 29, 2024

Brad Hill