Jeff Vidler: Increased Data Privacy Controls – New Opportunities for Audio

by Jeff Vidler
Guest columnist and Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler discusses an emerging trend in the underlying technology of digital audio advertising. “The sands are shifting under the feet of digital marketing as we march towards an online future that promises less personal tracking,” he writes. What is the opportunity for audio? Continue Reading

Podcasting is accelerating, with habitual listening on the rise: Cumulus/Signal Hill report

The recently renamed Cumulus Podcast Network engaged Signal Hill Insights for “Podcast Download” — a data report which covers listener behavior, genre engagement, acceptance of advertising, and more. This is one of the most dense and graphic reports we’ve seen. Click for details and the download link. Continue Reading

Early days for Clubhouse, with distinct user profile. Signal Hill Insights releases Clubhouse study.

You know an app is buzzworthy when research organizations study it. So it is with Clubhouse, the iOS-only, Android-excluding social audio app that has quickly gained high awareness. Toronto-based Signal Hill Insights partnered with social media researcher Digital Hug in a two-phase study of usage of, and sentiment for, Clubhouse. Continue Reading

Podcast is a lean-in, attention-holding medium for advertisers (Canadian Podcast Listener)

In a “sneak peek” at the 2020 edition of the Canadian Podcast Listener research report, listening to podcasts is revealed to be an intensely attentive activity compared to social media, listening to music, and watching short videos. Listening to podcasts takes roughly the same level of concentration as checking news and watching shows.¬†Although podcast advertising success metrics are not part of this preview, the report does obliquely mention value to marketers in a key takeaway, and it seems self-evident that an attentive, concentrated audience is favorable to advertising generally. Continue Reading

Audience Insights broadens scope and becomes Signal Hill Insights

Toronto research company Audience Insights is enlarging the scope of its research and consulting, and changing its brand to Signal Hill Insights. The main thrust of the company’s expanded mission appears to be a widening of focus. While Audience Insights provided intelligence to advertisers, Signal Hill Insights will also work on monetization issues for publishers. Click for specifics. Continue Reading