Jeff Vidler: Just Because ‘Podcast’ Rhymes with ‘Broadcast’ Doesn’t Mean…

by Jeff Vidler
Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler says podcasting has key differences from broadcasting. “Podcasts and broadcast radio are vastly different. Yes, they’re both based on audio, so certain audio skills are transferable. But that’s about it.” He breaks out three important podcast characteristics that radio professionals could be aware of. Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: Could Apple Show Broadcasters the Way For Live Radio?

Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler contributes this very interesting column about Apple’s interesting movement toward traditional radio. “It’s interesting that Apple’s latest foray into audio is a doubling down on the old school notion of human-hosted, human-curated radio.” What does it mean for broadcast radio, if anything? Jeff does some blue-sky thinking. Continue Reading


Jeff Vidler: Building a New Soundtrack for At-Home Workers

Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler contributes this very interesting column about how to program (radio and podcasts) for the COVID and post-COVID eras. He notes that radio has worked its way through reinventions before — in the 1950s and 1970s. During those transitions, radio invented new station categories to address changes in audience and listening routines. A must-read. Continue Reading

Canadian Podcast Listener suggests finding value in niche shows and advertisements

The Canadian Podcast Listener published a blog post with an exploration of the value in niche audiences, both for shows and for advertisers. The post included a graphic with a breakdown of the audience demographics for the top 10 podcasts on investing. Only 3.3% of monthly podcast listeners said they listen to shows about investing, meaning that mass-market brands likely won’t turn to those programs to reach a large market. Continue Reading

Canadian Podcast Listener 2019: Advertising effectiveness and the surprising role of YouTube

The annual Canadian Podcast Listener Report, produced by Audience Insights and sponsored by TPX (The Podcast Exchange), debuted the 2019 edition at RAIN Summit Canada last week. The results were presented by Jeff Vidler (President, Audience Insights) and Jeff Ulster… Continue Reading

Canadian Podcast Listener Report finds audiences are growing, as are responses to ads

The Canadian Podcast Listener Report 2018 offers insights on the steadily growing audience for podcasts in Canada and the unique trends of this market. Jeff Vidler, president of Audience insights, and Jeff Ulster, chief content and technology officer for The Podcast Exchange, presented the full study on Wednesday at the RAIN Summit Canada in Toronto. Continue Reading