Canadian Podcast Listener: A quarter of monthly listeners have given money to show creators

Data from The Canadian Podcast Listener survey showed how frequently podcast fans offer direct support to show creators. The survey found that 23% of all monthly listeners have made a direct contribution to podcasts. The rate spiked to 40% among power listeners.

Ten percent of all listeners purchased merchandise, and another 10% made a donation through a crowdfunding service such as Patreon or Indiegogo. Nine percent attended a live performance of the podcast.

All of those rates were higher, almost doubled, for the power listeners. Nineteen percent bought merchandise, 18% contributed via crowdfunding, and 17% went to a live show.

In the blog post sharing these statistics, the Canadian Podcast Listener noted that any direct financial contributions from a listener yields a greater immediate impact than advertising: each listener delivers 2.5 cents per impression in an ad that runs $25 cost-per-thousand. The post suggested that even a podcast with a small audience can find success if they have a strong connections with listeners that can support this “tip jar” approach.

Anna Washenko