Canadian Podcast Listener suggests finding value in niche shows and advertisements

The Canadian Podcast Listener published a blog post with an exploration of the value in niche audiences, both for shows and for advertisers. The company suggested that advertisers would reach people who are their target buyers while they are fully immersed in relevant content. On the podcast creator side, even a small audience can be useful to an advertiser if they fall into the same niche. Keeping a show’s ads in line with the subject matter can also make the entire podcast a better listening experience.

The post included a graphic with a breakdown of the audience demographics for the top 10 podcasts on investing. Only 3.3% of monthly podcast listeners said they listen to shows about investing, meaning that mass-market brands likely won’t turn to those programs to reach a large market. However, with the majority of listeners for that topic younger than 55, making annual income of at least $75,000, and holding post-secondary degrees, the audience for these shows does hold a high potential value for financial services companies or other brands with a similarly honed client focus.

“There will always be a place for mass market advertising, but sometimes the best course of action is to think small,” the post closed. “And that could be the greatest opportunity offered by the long tail of podcasts.”

Anna Washenko