Jeff Vidler: How Can the Podcast Industry Best Manage the Ad Revenue Boom?

by Jeff Vidler
In his latest guest column, Jeff Vidler contemplates U.S. ad spend on podcasting has nearly doubled every two years since 2015. Listeners are receptive. The blend of advertisers is changing, and so are ad types. The highly successful host-read ad is difficult to scale. As podcasting steers toward programmatic, Jeff examines new formats and campaign types. Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: Integrating Big Data with Survey Data to Help Fill Gaps in Podcast Measurement

by Jeff Vidler
Who exactly is listening to your podcast? It may be the most important question that an advertiser has when they’re looking to make a buy. Yet, no single industry-wide measure has been able to answer that question. Signal Hill Insights and Triton Digital are collaborating with the intent to marry census-level big data with survey results for a hyper-granular level of audience understanding. Jeff Vidler is the President of Signal Hill Insights. Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: Helping Brands Think Outside the Audio Box: A Manifesto

by Jeff Vidler
New opportunities for audio are capturing the attention of advertisers. But is audio advertising coming from new sources, or being moved around from one type of audio to another? Guest columnist and Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler discusses how the audio industry is selling audio short. This is a manifesto, and a clear commitment for his company. A must read. Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: Increased Data Privacy Controls – New Opportunities for Audio

by Jeff Vidler
Guest columnist and Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler discusses an emerging trend in the underlying technology of digital audio advertising. “The sands are shifting under the feet of digital marketing as we march towards an online future that promises less personal tracking,” he writes. What is the opportunity for audio? Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: Just Because ‘Podcast’ Rhymes with ‘Broadcast’ Doesn’t Mean…

by Jeff Vidler
Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler says podcasting has key differences from broadcasting. “Podcasts and broadcast radio are vastly different. Yes, they’re both based on audio, so certain audio skills are transferable. But that’s about it.” He breaks out three important podcast characteristics that radio professionals could be aware of. Continue Reading

Jeff Vidler: Could Apple Show Broadcasters the Way For Live Radio?

Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler contributes this very interesting column about Apple’s interesting movement toward traditional radio. “It’s interesting that Apple’s latest foray into audio is a doubling down on the old school notion of human-hosted, human-curated radio.” What does it mean for broadcast radio, if anything? Jeff does some blue-sky thinking. Continue Reading


Jeff Vidler: Building a New Soundtrack for At-Home Workers

Signal Hill Insights President Jeff Vidler contributes this very interesting column about how to program (radio and podcasts) for the COVID and post-COVID eras. He notes that radio has worked its way through reinventions before — in the 1950s and 1970s. During those transitions, radio invented new station categories to address changes in audience and listening routines. A must-read. Continue Reading

Audience Insights broadens scope and becomes Signal Hill Insights

Toronto research company Audience Insights is enlarging the scope of its research and consulting, and changing its brand to Signal Hill Insights. The main thrust of the company’s expanded mission appears to be a widening of focus. While Audience Insights provided intelligence to advertisers, Signal Hill Insights will also work on monetization issues for publishers. Click for specifics. Continue Reading