RAIN Notes: Monday, February 13

Jottings of note:

How and When

In a Semafor article on Spotify’s podcast business (“How Spotify’s podcast bet went wrong”) Max Tani analyzes the acquisition of The Ringer as a key example of how podcasting put a drag on Spotify’s 2022 earnings, and also how category chief Dawn Ostroff was “pushed out.” From there, it is a concise, insider-informed rundown of Spotify’s podcasting milestones. READ


Glass Half Full

“The podcast industry is shifting to a period of mature growth” — that from Jeff Vidler, head of research firm Signal Hill Insights. He counters a recent rush of announcements and earnings reports signaling a slowdown and pullback in podcast investment — and potentially the entire category’s growth. Jeff sees it more as  a period of maturations, and “some readjustments to grand ambitions. He cites continuing growth metrics. READ


Dream Come True

Jeff Umbro, head of The Podglomerate network, announces a new client: New Hampshire Public Radio. Bear Brook is the podcast joining The POdglomerate’s inventory — it’s an investigative True Crime show with 21-million downloads and praise from NPR. The show joins Pldglomerate for the sdtart of its second season. Listen to the trailer HERE.

— Monday, February 13

Brad Hill