Audioburst launches “Platform for Apps,” enabling topical audio streaming to app builders

Audio search and delivery platform Audioburst is announcing the launch of Platform for Apps, which provides audio that app builders can easily bolt into the mobile experiences. The company scrapes a colossal library of short clips (“bursts”) which can be sorted by topic and aggregated into playlists. It hopes to grow a clientele of app builders seeking entertainment and user retention. Continue Reading


In startling reversal, AccuRadio moves to radio, citing high music royalty costs

AccuRadio, one of the two leading brands of pureplay online radio in the U.S., has stunned the online audio business community by announcing that it is switching to broadcast radio distribution. The change will occur on April 5. In an aggrieved press release the company cites high royalty costs, and says it can find greater profitability in AM radio “playing up to 22 minutes of commercials per hour.” Continue Reading


Spotify acquires Betty Labs, creator of live social audio, elbowing into Clubhouse’s space

Spotify has announced its acquisition of Betty Labs, a tech startup which build Locker Room, a live audio conversation space for sports fans. The company says the grab will “accelerate Spotify’s entry into the live audio space.” Other remarks from Spotify sound like a plan to eat Clubhouse’s lunch. Continue Reading


Radio giant Entercom rebrands as Audacy; renames RADIO.COM; new look and feel throughout

Entercom, the second largest radio holding company in the U.S., a major podcast producer and audio streamer, has rebranded the entire organization as Audacy. Podcast subsidiaries Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios remain unchanged. Click through for lots of images of redesigned websites and the (former) RADIO.COM listening app. Continue Reading