Apple Music rolling out to Amazon Echo as Apple pushes to take the streaming crown

Apple Music will be arriving on Amazon Echo smart speakers by the end of the year. Access to Apple’s streaming service will begin for subscribers the week of December 17. Customers will be able to control playback from Apple’s library with voice commands on the line of smart speakers. Continue Reading


Tidal is bundling its full music service into Plex

Tidal has entered into a deal with personal media library Plex. The streaming service has been fully integrated into Plex, the first company of its kind to do so. In addition to making the entire Tidal library available through Plex’s mobile and TV apps, the recommendation and discovery engines of Tidal and Plex will be able to work together, promising better suggested listening. Continue Reading


Slow Burn’s Leon Neyfakh leaving Slate to go solo with new venture

Leon Neyfakh is departing Slate. He announced his exit in a Twitter thread that was first picked up by Hot Pod. Neyfakh is a reporter as well as the host and narrator of the Slow Burn narrative podcast. He’s leaving to start a new show called Fiasco in partnership with “an innovative platform you’ll be hearing more about soon,” according to the tweets. Continue Reading