Rightsholders could be losing $2.65 billion from businesses using personal streaming for background music

Soundtrack Your Brand, a B2B music provider for physical storefronts, commissioned a study from Nielsen Music into the financial impact of where businesses obtain background music. According to the study, rightsholders could be missing out on a total of $2.65 billion annually due to businesses using the personal streaming accounts of staff members rather than products designed for company and for-profit uses. Continue Reading


Canadian Podcast Listener Report finds audiences are growing, as are responses to ads

The Canadian Podcast Listener Report 2018 offers insights on the steadily growing audience for podcasts in Canada and the unique trends of this market. Jeff Vidler, president of Audience insights, and Jeff Ulster, chief content and technology officer for The Podcast Exchange, presented the full study on Wednesday at the RAIN Summit Canada in Toronto. Continue Reading


Midroll Media survey finds 60% of listeners made purchases from podcast ads

Midroll Media, now a podcast network under E.W. Scripps’ Stitcher brand, has released its podcast listener demographics report for 2018. The company had 205 show hosts ask their audiences to participate in the survey, and this latest iteration included feedback from more than 151,000 listeners between February 2 and October 4, 2017. Continue Reading


Nielsen survey finds smart speaker owners mostly listen to music on devices

Nielsen has debuted a new report focused on emerging technologies, and the first installment turned its eye toward the smart speaker trend. The new quarterly MediaTech Trender Survey includes 2,000 U.S. consumers aged 13 and up. Smart speakers are making quick work at converting people into repeat customers; in the U.S. homes that have a smart speaker, four in 10 have more than one such device. Continue Reading


Canadian Podcast Listener report: How to reach new podcast fans

Podcasting is experiencing slow and steady growth within its podcast audience. That’s a key takeaway from the upcoming Canadian Podcast Listener 2018 report from The Podcast Exchange, Audience Insights, and Ulster Media. An advanced infographic from the report shows that 26% of Canadians are monthly podcast listeners as of 2018. Continue Reading