Spotify exits the IAB; podcasting particularly affected; a signal of extraordinay self-sufficiency

In what is seemingly a statement of global self-sufficiency, Spotify is no longer represented on the IAB’s list of compliant podcast companies. The movement feels momentous in its abruptness, absence of presage, widespread reaction, and inherent implication. Click for details. Continue Reading

Sports fans are avid audio users … and big spenders. Advertisers take note. (SiriusXM)

SiriusXM has released a preview of The Sports Audio Report, produced in collaboration with GroupM and Edison Research. Its purpose is to measure the scale of sports listening, how it correlates with overall listening, and how that listening cohort behaves as consumers. For a preview, there is a surprising amount of information. Audio shines in this report, obviously … especially podcasting. Continue Reading

NPR and SiriusXM win Triton’s March U.S. Podcast Ranker

In the March edition of Triton Digital’s Top Podcasts ranker for the U.S., there is a lot of month-over-month stability, as always. In the top 10 shows, nine are the same as the previous month (with some shuffling of positions). MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories (Wondery sales network) leaped upward eight slots to enter the elite cohort. Continue Reading

Digital audio ad revenue reaches new high for 2023 (IAB annual report)

The IAB’s much awaited annual Internet Advertising Revenue Report was released this morning. It provides a detailed accounting of revenue trends in internet advertising, interesting for its deeply researched overviews of digital advertising, both audio and non-audio. There is growth everywhere. Click for details and graphs. Continue Reading

Podtrac Podcast Industry Ranking (with RAIN Remix): Two new participants grow list to 22

Podtrac’s monthly Industry Ranking now lists 22 podcast publishers, ranking them by audience size. (Eligible podcast publishers are Podtrac clients.) The ranking also includes streams/downloads, which can also be characterized as plays. We present Podtrac’s original ranker graphic and the RAIN Remix, which ranks Podtrac data on a per-show basis. Continue Reading


Acast leads top podcast publishers / networks globally; YouTube poorly represented

In today’s release of Podtrac’s monthly Top Publishers & Networks ranker, we observe that Acast owns the #1 ranking among the seven included networks. Only Podtrac clients are included. Interestingly, very few of the nearly 500 shows in the included chart have YouTube versions. Click for details, a graph, and a very interesting twist. Continue Reading

Stability rules podcast ad rates in 2024 (so far): Libsyn Ads

The average cost per thousand (CPM) for podcast advertising remained practically the same in March over February. according to the monthly reckoning by LibsynAds. We take the long-term chart provided by Libsyn Ads (formerly Libsyn subsidiary AdvertiseCast), and compute the average cost of the most expensive campaign type over the lifetime of the chart (four years). Click for all the details. Continue Reading

Podcasting: $43B in 2032? (Market.us)

Market research company Market.us has gathered podcast statistics from multiple sources and compiled a slate of podcast metrics including one far-reaching projection. We compare this dataset with other podcast ad revenue projections. In doing so, we achieve an impressive level ofuncertainty. It’s all about inputs and methodology.
Continue Reading