Boomers are a tough podcast demo, but worth winning (Edison Research / NPR)

In nearly every listening metric, the Boomer generation lags younger groups when it comes to involvement in online audio generally, and podcasting specifically. That’s the conclusion of an interesting and revealing collection of data from Edison Research and NPR. Boomers act differently from younger groups in key audio-related behaviors, making older listeners clearly identifiable and attractive. Click for takeaways and a link to the study. Continue Reading

Streaming audio share drops in-car compared to radio, especially when ad-supported: Edison Research

It is well established that in-car listening is a stronghold for American radio’s reach. A recent edition of Edison Research’s Weekly Insights series puts numbers to the comparative strength of AM/FM in the car, and compares them with out-of-car listening. Click for details and charts. Continue Reading

Edison Research identifies top podcasts by reach, in topical breakdown

Edison Research has launched an informative series of blog posts in which top podcasts in different topical categories are identified, according to reach. This project skims the top layer of Edison Podcast Metrics, a subscription product. “The Monday after the Academy Awards seems like the perfect time to look at podcasts in some entertainment genres,” Edison observes. Continue Reading

Apple, YouTube bask in Podnews Report Card

Results of the Podnews Report Card survey have been released, following a first view at Podcast Movement Evolutions. In that entertaining keynote session performed by Podnews editor James Cridland (amusingly interrupted by a faux DAI-inserted commercial), we learned how Podnews-reading podcasters rate distribution apps, directories, and monetization platforms. Click through for results. Continue Reading

As pod listening raises annually, ad rates drop monthly

In yesterday’s Infinite Dial 2023 report conducted by Edison Research (RAIN coverage HERE) we saw growth stories for online audio generally, and podcasting in particular. Listening to podcasts (and online audio generally) trended upward. At the same time, the monthly CPM ad-cost tracker from AdvertiseCast shows ad rates dropping. Those two trends are not necessarily contradictory. Continue Reading