Consumers open to audio ads, and are sensitive to brand suitability (IAS study)

As part of a larger research series, Integral Ad Science (IAS) conducted a survey of 1,158 digital audio listeners in the U.S. to understand how consumers perceive and interact with advertising on digital audio platforms. The survey, called The Sound of Suitability,  was fielded in June. A key focus is “brand suitability” — safe and dangerous advertising choices based on consumer responses to “risky” and “safe” ad types. Click for details, charts, and the download link. Continue Reading

Gen Z much more likely than average to stream music every day (GWI)

Following on the heels of consumer insights platform GWI’s examination of Millennials (RAIN HERE), the consumer insights company sent us a study of preference in the young Gen Z cohort. U.S, Gen Z are nearly 70% more likely than the average American to use music streaming services every day. That translates to 46% of respondents. MORE. Continue Reading

Millennials’ relationship with podcasting is “strong” in GWI global report

Audience research firm GWI released a research package of results from the company’s monumental annual survey of 970,000 internet users in 52 markets, via an online questionnaire. Called Meet the Millennials, the research topics cover broad swaths of lifestyle, general attitudes, and media consumption. This year’s report includes dedicated coverage of podcast consumption. Continue Reading

Podtrac: Podcast consumption down 10% in September, and RAIN Remix

In the Top Podcast Publishers ranking in September from Podtrac, we are told that podcast downloads and play decreased in September. Meanwhile iHeartPodcasts, Wondery, and NPR repeated month-over-month to take the top three spots based on the ranker’s native sorting. But things get shaken up in the RAIN Remix, which resorts the Podtrac data to show audience and downloads per active show. Click for details and graphics. Continue Reading

New podcast creation on track to lowest yearly level since 2018

Looking at the monthly and yearly podcast creation statistics at Listen Notes [HERE], we observe that new podcasts have been started this year at the lowest rate since 2018. In a larger view, Listen Notes is reporting 3,195,616 active podcasts in the world, with nearly 178-million episodes. That means there are nearly twice as many podcast episodes as music tracks in Spotify. Continue Reading

1+1=3 in new Soundstack analysis of radio and podcast listeners

SaaS company SoundStack, which promotes “Full-Circle Audio” solutions for all kinds of audio delivery across analog and digital, has released an infographic which highlights the complementary attributes of broadcast radio on one hand, and podcasting on the other. It sources several research studies to deliver a 1+1=3 argument for advertising in both. Continue Reading