TSQ in 2020: “The year Townsquare became a Digital First company”

Townsquare media released its Q4 earnings this morning. In a note detailing results sent to RAIN from CEO (and RAIN Summit keynote speaker) Bill Wilson, he described 2020 this way: “Although we are proud of our roots and DNA in local radio and we continue to love local radio, 2020 was the year Townsquare became a ‘Digital First’ company.” Click through for more detail, plus a table, provided by Wilson, which compares TSQ results with six other radio groups. Continue Reading

Townsquare Media earnings: Net down, digital gains share

Townsquare Media’s COVID quarter tells a varied story in the company’s Q2 earnings release. Net income for the quarter was down year-over-year (a nearly universal Q2 earnings story), while digital revenue gained in share of total revenue. CEO and RAIN Summit keynoter Bill Wilson noted that sequential revenue (month-over-month within the quarter) rose, and that Townsquare Interactive, the company’s subscription service for digital marketing, earned nearly half of total net revenue. Continue Reading

Townsquare Media Q2 earnings: Revenue gains, spiking stock, and digital initiatives

Townsquare Media’s Q2 earnings call was hosted this morning by CEO Bill Wilson and EVP/CFO Stuart Rosenstein. In it, the radio group reinforced its primary identity as a “premier local and digital marketing solutions company.” As in the Q1 report, Townsquare’s digital initiatives led the company’s business. Continue Reading

Townsquare Q2: Digital initiatives growing fast, and advocacy for regulatory change

In this week’s Q2 earnings call, Townsquare Media noted that its digital initiatives, most of which are bundled into Townsquare Interactive and Townsquare Ignite, are leading drivers of quarterly growth. Also in the call, Townsquare execs advocate for regulatory loosening of local station ownership rules, saying that radio’s competitors are digital platforms. Continue Reading

Townsquare chooses Sparemin Headliner for audio-to-video across entire station group

With the nettlesome lack of native audio in major social platforms (looking at you, Facebook and Twitter), socializing audio-first content can be a heavy lift. The Headliner app from Sparemin grabs the problem by the throat and presents a solution for posting audio content quickly in an attractive video package. Townsquare Media has bought in — for its entire radio network. Continue Reading

Townsquare chooses WideOrbit for network-wide webcasting

WideOrbit has announced that radio group Townsquare Media has commited to a suite of WideOrbit digital platform products across Townsquare’s array of 310 radio stations. Townsquare is the third-largest radio group in the U.S., operating in 66 markets. The deal completes a multiyear Townsquare effort to consolidate its digital operations. Continue Reading