Jelli and Horizon Media expand partnership for programmatic advertising

Ad agency buyer Horizon Media has expanded its relationship with Jelli, the programmatic ad platform for radio. The latest development will see Horizon using Jelli’s SpotPlan demand-side platform, becoming the first media agency to power all of its programmatic radio ad buying operations for several of its clients agency-wide. Continue Reading

iHeartMedia adds Foursquare attribution for programmatic ad campaigns bought from Jelli

iHeartMedia announced a new partnership with ad tech company Jelli and Foursquare, a location-centric business tech operation, to launch a new attribution product for broadcast radio. This technology will offer improved campaign measurement and real-world attribution data to advertisers. Continue Reading

Programmatic company Jelli rolls out SpotPlan 2.0 for easier radio ad buys

Jelli, programmatic radio ad buying platform, announced a new update to its service. SpotPlan 2.0 reflects feedback from major media buying agencies and is designed to improve the progress of demand-side programmatic ad buys. Jelli promises an average ROI improvement of 20% via its latest tools compared with traditional buying methods. Continue Reading

Westwood One joins Katz Expressway, bringing Cumulus inventory into programmatic

Cumulus Media-owned Westwood One has partnered with iHeartMedia-owned Katz Expressway, a programmatic advertising exchange powered by tech company Jelli. The immediate result is that radio stations in major Cumulus market have some commercial inventory in Expressway, available for automated buying. Continue Reading

Jelli releases metrics, tracks growth of broadcast radio programmatic

Early this morning Jelli released a progress report of its SpotPlan programmatic buying platform, timed to coincide with RAIN Summit Nashville and the RAB/NAB Radio Show this week in Nashville. RAIN News spoke with Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty about how the programmatic market has grown since the announcement of SpotPlan in March, and its launch in April. Continue Reading