Programmatic company Jelli rolls out SpotPlan 2.0 for easier radio ad buys

Jelli, programmatic radio ad buying platform, announced a new update to its service. SpotPlan 2.0 reflects feedback from major media buying agencies and is designed to improve the progress of demand-side programmatic ad buys. Jelli promises an average ROI improvement of 20% via its latest tools compared with traditional buying methods.

The new features incorporated into SpotPlan 2.0 include plan analysis, project analysis, and plan comparison. These features offer more insight into using data to craft the optimal plan for an ad buy, as well as analysis of how each plan works toward bigger advertising and project goals.

“We’re continually working to improve the audio advertising buying experience by providing the most advanced programmatic technologies to our partners,” Jelli Co-founder and CEO Mike Dougherty said. “The emphasis on buyer empowerment delivered by SpotPlan 2.0, increases a radio buyer’s ability to deliver significantly more value to advertisers.”

“SpotPlan 2.0 is the most advanced audio ad platform and allows even the most experienced buyers to generate more value for their clients,” said Torsten Schulz, SVP of product and engineering at Jelli. “The investment we’ve made enhancing the capabilities of SpotPlan continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with programmatic radio advertising. We are empowering buyers to create more relevant and effective ad campaigns for advertisers.”

Anna Washenko