Katz Digital announces four promotions

Katz Media, a national media sales organization, announced several personnel updates to its digital arm. “The interest and demand for audio solutions is growing, and we are evolving our offerings, structure and dedicating more resources to support Katz’s overall mission to increase revenue on behalf of our partners,” CEO Mark Gray said. Continue Reading

Voxnest launches Voxnest Audience Network advertising marketplace

Voxnest announced the launch of a new digital audio ad marketplace to help brands and advertisers secure spots on podcasts. The Voxnest Audience Network is an international marketplace for in-audio advertising inventory that will allow buyers to reach targeted audiences with buys of content bundles curated by proprietary data. Continue Reading

Westwood One joins Katz Expressway, bringing Cumulus inventory into programmatic

Cumulus Media-owned Westwood One has partnered with iHeartMedia-owned Katz Expressway, a programmatic advertising exchange powered by tech company Jelli. The immediate result is that radio stations in major Cumulus market have some commercial inventory in Expressway, available for automated buying. Continue Reading

MILESTONE: Geico buys first programmatic campaign on Katz/Jelli Expressway platform

Geico became the first advertiser to place a buy on Expressway from Katz, the Jelli-powered programmatic platform for broadcast radio spots. The announcement from Horizon Media, which piloted the transaction, claims Geico’s campaign as the first-ever live programmatic buy for spot radio. Continue Reading