Strong forecast for digital audio advertising and programmatic in Australian IAB survey

IAB Australia released a report on the state of digital audio advertising in the country. According to the findings, eight out of 10 media buyers have purchased streaming digital audio advertising. That high interest is expected to boost growth in digital audio and audio programmatic. Continue Reading


SoundCloud Go arrives in Canada with Triton Digital supplying ad monetization

SoundCloud shared two big business announcements today. First, it has rolled out the SoundCloud Go subscription in Canada. Second, it has entered a deal with Triton Digital to use its a2x programmatic ad exchange for monetization of its audio inventory in the new market. Continue Reading


Jelli releases metrics, tracks growth of broadcast radio programmatic

Early this morning Jelli released a progress report of its SpotPlan programmatic buying platform, timed to coincide with RAIN Summit Nashville and the RAB/NAB Radio Show this week in Nashville. RAIN News spoke with Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty about how the programmatic market has grown since the announcement of SpotPlan in March, and its launch in April. Continue Reading


STRATA Q1 sees growing interest in programmatic, streaming audio

First quarter results for Strata’s regular Advertising Agency Survey revealed a growing focus on programmatic exchanges and increased interest in streaming audio platforms. “Digital publishers keep on getting better at providing more advertising opportunities to ad buyers,” Strata Director J.D. Miller said. Continue Reading