DAX report finds high interest and increased spending on digital audio advertising in the UK

DAX, the digital audio exchange owned by Global, has published its annual report tracking interest in digital audio among advertisers and media agencies in the UK. The resulting whitepaper, titled The Rise of Digital Audio Advertising, describes survey research performed by MTM in the UK. The survey population included 147 manager-level and above employees at media agencies, and 68 people working for brand advertisers.  Continue Reading

53M+ smart speaker owners in U.S.: NPR/Edison Research Smart Speaker Report

Fifty-three million American adults own smart speakers. Because some people and households own multiple speakers, that adds up to 118.5-million devices — a 78% increase in overall device ownership year-over-year. This, and much other data, come from the NPR/Edison Research Smart Audio Report, released in a webinar today. Continue Reading

In blockbuster podcast deal, Spotify acquires Gimlet Media and Anchor

Spotify has acquired not one, but two podcasting companies. The rumor mill hinted this week that the streaming company was in negotiations for podcast producer Gimlet Media, and that is one of the purchases. But Spotify has also acquired Anchor, a straightforward service that lets anyone start creating, distributing, and monetizing podcasts. Continue Reading

Infinite Dial 2019 results will be revealed on March 6

Triton Digital and Edison Research have set a date for the release of the latest data from their Infinite Dial research report. The survey will be broadcast live and online on Wednesday, March 6 at 2pm Eastern. The Infinite Dial regularly assesses habits and trends for audio in the United States, including topics such as podcasting, smart speakers, and AM/FM radio. Continue Reading

AdsWizz launches advertiser accreditation program for certified digital audio expertise

AdsWizz has unveiled a new program for certifying advertisers’ expertise in digital audio. The Digital Audio Expert Program will test participants on their knowledge of advertising in this format as well as building new skills in audio. OMG Programmatic is the first agency to complete the certification program. Continue Reading