Europe seeing progress toward DAB standard in cars

DAB and DAB+ receivers are making further inroads into car manufacturers. The majority of new cars sold in the UK, Norway, and Switzerland are now equipped with the digital radio receivers. Patrick Hannon, president of WorldDAB, said 82% of new cars in the UK have DAB as standard, followed by 73% in Norway and 65% in Switzerland. Continue Reading

Jacobs Media TechSurvey 12 measures radio, digital, and cars

Jacobs Media has released the results of TechSurvey 12, its annual survey of P1 radio listeners in the U.S. and Canada. The expressed preferences in media usage showed little variation this year from the TechSurvey 11, but the latest results did see some changes in attitudes about digital services, car listening, and podcasts. Continue Reading

Triton partners with Panasonic for in-car audio advertising

Panasonic’s Aupeo division announced a partnership with Triton Digital for use of the Tap OnDemand ad platform. Through this deal, Triton’s technology will be used for targeted ad insertion into the personalized audio messages played by the company’s personal radio service in cars. The arrangement will give both car manufacturers and brand partners the opportunity to deliver personalized audio messages to drivers through the OneConnect system. Continue Reading

Canadian podcast listenership among drivers growing gradually

A new survey reveals that Canadian podcast listening in cars has continued to rise. The results showed notably more podcast consumption among the 18-34 age group at 17%, compared with 8% for ages 35-54 and just 2% for the over 55 group. It was also most popular among university graduates compared with other education levels. Continue Reading