Canadian podcast listenership among drivers growing gradually

A new survey reveals that Canadian podcast listening in cars has continued to rise. Audience Insights polled more than 2,000 Canadians over the age of 18 about their use of audio in cars. The results showed 8% of the respondents having listened to a podcast in their vehicle in the past week. The rate appears low, but it has been gradually rising from 5% in December of 2010.

The results showed notably more podcast consumption among the 18-34 age group at 17%, compared with 8% for ages 35-54 and just 2% for the over 55 group. It was also most popular among university graduates compared with other education levels.

The podcast listeners demonstrated a more even distribution of time spent across audio formats in their cars. AM/FM radio had just a 40% share for podcast listeners, compared with 66% for all respondents. The podcast fans also had 21% share toward digital personal music collections and 19% share for the podcasts themselves. And while the car listenership is growing, the charts also revealed that home is the listening location of choice.

Audience Insights also published a study focused on car listening specifically for radio in March. Edison Research also investigated in-car listening behaviors last week with some data about station-surfing on the road.

Anna Washenko