Quick Hits: A defense of radio and some very expensive headphones

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Radio defense from down under: Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, penned an article defending the full spectrum of AM/FM and DAB+ radio. She was responding to another author who claimed that “AM/FM/DAB+ is an endangered species.” Warner presented radio as skilled at adaptation. “Radio will live on playing to our strengths – free to air, live, local, 24/7, sports, news, information, community – creating a real connection and engagement with the audience,” she said.

Tech catches up to high-res audio: VentureBeat profiled some of the recent entries into the market for tech around high-resolution audio. As interest in better sound quality holds steady, a growing number of audio tech companies have been releasing headphones and music players specifically designed to accommodate those discerning listeners. If there is any difference to be had (and some might argue there isn’t), then certainly having the right hardware is a key to the best setup. But it’ll cost you.

Anna Washenko