Canadian study surveys radio and other in-car listening in Canada

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We learned from Tom Taylor’s NOW Newsletter about an in-car listening survey of Canadian drivers conducted by Audience Insights. This research establishes a trendline of audio sources in the car going back to 2010. Company President and study author Jeff Vidler posted an executive summary here.

“Radio still rules in the car” is the summary headline, noting that AM/FM’s 66% share of listening in the car is roughly the same as it was five years ago. “Despite all the buzz around new audio options and the ever more complex in-dash configurations, broadcast radio is still dominant in the car,” Vidler said.

While traditional radio listening has held steady (and has even inched upward since 2013), streaming in the care has increased sevenfold — but the reach came in at just 1.2% in this survey. Sirius XM also reached a high point in these results compared to earlier years, and stands at 11%.

“Personal music” is the category which declined in the five-year trendline. That type of listening includes CDs and downloads stored on personal devices.


Brad Hill

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  1. Unless I’m reading the chart wrong, it looks like the percentage in use of “personal music” rose over 5 years from 9.5 to 11.4.

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