Shazam debuts augmented reality platform, furthering its use as a marketing tool

Shazam has launched a new augmented reality platform for its brand partners, artists, and users. With this tool, unique Shazam Codes on real-life objects can be viewed with the app on a smartphone to unlock additional content. The codes can reveal anything from 3D animations to product visualizations, mini-games to 360-degree videos. Continue Reading

Guvera teams with TV for its latest branded channel

Guvera has entered a partnership that will see it highlighted on the Asia’s Next Top Model television show. The streaming platform will be tasked with curating music for the program’s runway shows. Guvera has also launched a brand channel for the show in its app, which collects both music and video from the reality program. Continue Reading

BandPage/Rhapsody partnership finds success with notification marketing

BandPage and Rhapsody released some insights from their partnership into ways to generate increased revenue within digital streaming. The pair found that push notifications had a vastly higher level of engagement than Google Searches, Facebook ads, and web display advertising. These notifications were delivered to artists’ most serious fans as identified by BandPage’s data analytics services. Continue Reading