Quick Hits: Stevie Wonder pens editorial; analysis of Spotify’s Katy Perry promo

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Stevie Wonder speaks out for radio fairness: Stevie Wonder has an extensive resume, but one of his┬álesser-known jobs is radio station owner. The beloved performer/songwriter penned an editorial for Billboard about the need to protect independent radio stations with more fair and transparent rules for broadcaster fees. “I want there to be a solution that allows the creative community to thrive and be fairly paid by those profiting from their works, while at the same time allowing the economics to work from the broadcaster side, too, so that they can continue to provide the vital service that they do,” he writes.

Spotify doubling down on artist relations: Spotify is making a big promotional push for the new single by pop queen Katy Perry. The streaming service is running a long campaign in support of her upcoming studio album that includes everything from emails to billboards. Bloomberg explored this effort in artist relations, arguing that it demonstrates Spotify’s response to the model of exclusive releases, (which it has frequently criticized).

Anna Washenko