BandPage/Rhapsody partnership finds success with notification marketing

Rhapsody canvas 160BandPage and Rhapsody released some insights from their partnership into ways to generate increased revenue within digital streaming. The pair found that push notifications had a vastly higher level of engagement than Google Searches, Facebook ads, and web display advertising. These notifications were delivered to artists’ most serious fans as identified by BandPage’s data analytics services. When that performer’s music played on Rhapsody, the superfans would receive a notification about deals on their BandCamp page or an upcoming local show.

“In a time where streaming services are driving the most engagement with a musician’s customer base we have made it our job to turn that engagement into revenue on behalf of musicians around the world,” said J. Sider, BandPage’s CEO and founder. “Today I’m excited to announce that we have uncovered what we believe to be one of the major drivers of revenue and engagement for our industry moving forward.”

The notification approach generated more success for Rhapsody as a platform in addition to for the specific artists. “The response from our users shows music fans are delighted to connect more deeply with their favorite musicians,” said Greg Spils, senior director of traffic and demand at Rhapsody International. “Rhapsody customers’ engagement rates are up to 50% higher with these artist-based notifications than our existing personalized notifications.”

Anna Washenko