Apple breaks silence, refutes MusicWatch study

Apple logo black canvasYesterday we reported research published by MusicWatch that found Apple Music was facing an uphill battle in retaining its audience. Apple has interjected into that conversation, issuing a statement to The Verge claiming that 79% of the people who signed for Apple Music still use it.

It’s an unusual move for Apple, which is usually tight-lipped no matter what the media predicts. Other than this factoid about retention, the only detail Apple has disclosed about its burgeoning music platform is that the free trial has attracted 11 million users so far.

Did the report hit a nerve for the tech giant? MusicWatch Managing Partner Russ Crupnick updated RAIN News: “Apple and MusicWatch have agreed to compare how the numbers are compiled and what they mean. Different metrics can mean different things and be interpreted differently.”

Anna Washenko