Study shows big split in Apple Music’s audience retention

Apple Music screencap canvasA study by MusicWatch reviewed the success rate Apple Music has had among the company’s pool of iOS users. The study found that 77% of iOS users in the U.S. are aware of the new streaming platform, but only 11% said they are currently using Apple Music. Among people who had tried the service, 48% said they are not using it at this time.

MusicWatch also examined the overlap between Apple Music and use of other streaming platforms. About a quarter of Spotify Premium customers are using Apple Music at 28%, while 11% of its free tier users are signed on with Apple Music; 6% of Pandora users now use Apple Music.

Finally, the study introduced two interesting data points. It found that 64% of current users said they were extremely or very likely to pay for Apple Music following their trial. However, 61% said they had already turned off their automatic renewals. The takeaway here seems that the listeners who have stuck with Apple for this long will likely remain at the core of its audience base.

Anna Washenko

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