Quick Hits: Music and marketing; podcasts and politics; whiskey and a whole lot of money

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Music and marketing: Fast Company explored the potential for music as a marketing tool. It cited data that showed millennials have a more favorable view of brands that support live music experiences. “This leaves us at an exciting intersection in marketing where brands and artists have many positive and mutually beneficial reasons to come together to create, communicate, and collaborate,” the article reads.

Politics and podcasts: Political discourse has grown in volume, with both how loudly and how frequently it happens. The Atlantic published an article that posits podcasting could step into the role once held by talk radio in the modern media landscape.

Whiskey and a whole lot of money: A sonata with your single malt? Glenmorangie has taken high-priced whiskey to a new level with a scotch that’s been aged 41 years and has its own theme song. The distillery commissioned an original composition from jazz pianist Aaron Diehl to capture the drink’s flavor and elevate the drinking experience. All it’ll cost you is $9,000.

Anna Washenko