Shazam debuts augmented reality platform, furthering its use as a marketing tool

Shazam augmented realityShazam has launched a new augmented reality platform for its brand partners, artists, and users. With this tool, unique Shazam Codes on real-life objects can be viewed with the app on a smartphone to unlock additional content. The codes can reveal anything from 3D animations to product visualizations, mini-games to 360-degree videos. Spirits and beverage company Beam Suntory has signed on as a launch partner. The technology stems from a partnership with Zappar, a mobile augmented reality specialist.

This product expands on the lineage Shazam has followed, from its core audio recognition technology at the company’s launch to the addition of visual identification and QR codes in 2015. Augmented reality builds on the visual technology and expands Shazam’s interest as a marketing tool.

“We knew we were on to something big when we released visual image recognition in 2015,” said Shazam CEO Rich Riley. “With the rapid rise of augmented reality, it is a natural evolution for Shazam to be a first-mover in delivering AR at scale.”

“One of the things missing from augmented reality for advertisers has been a frictionless way to deliver these experiences at scale,” Shazam CRO Greg Glenday said. “Because Shazam has such a massive install base, and consumers are already accustomed to using the app for discovery—we have now solved that problem. The possibilities for a brand to bring their products to life or make their advertising more engaging are quite literally only limited by the imagination.”

Anna Washenko